AzzeroCO2 carries out civil and industrial energy diagnostics and conducts feasibility studies with technical-economical analysis to identify the suitable interventions needed to improve the energy performance of structures and processes; defines the carbon footprint of company activities and products in conformity with international regulations ISO 14064:2010 and ISO/TS 14067:2013; and assists local administrations in the preparation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (APSE).

  • Carbon footprint

    AzzeroCO2 is capable of performing a carbon footprint analysis on specific products or on a company’s activity, thus determining their impact on the environment in terms of greenhouse gas[…]

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  • Energy audit

    AzzeroCO2 performs energy audits in accordance with the procedure defined by regulation UNI CEI/TR 11428:2011 (Energy diagnosis – General requirements of the energy diagnosis service), which defines the requirements,[…]

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  • Feasibility study

    AzzeroCO2 evaluates the technical-economic feasibility of energy efficiency interventions on structures (for example thermal solar, photovoltaic, illumination and air-conditioning systems), taking into consideration the eventual availability of financing and[…]

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  • Life cycle assessment

    The methodological approach that AzzeroCO2 has adopted is based on the methodology of the Life Cycle Assessment of a product or service, recognized on an international level for its[…]

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  • SEAP

    AzzeroCO2 assists local administrations in creating SEAPs and in implementing their various phases according to JRC guidelines.   Activation of participatory processes A participatory process is an instrument that brings[…]

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