Category: InterventionsTarget: Corporate, Municipalities

AzzeroCO2 offers its clients the possibility to compensate the greenhouse gas emissions generated by their activity through the purchase of CO2 credits.

AzzeroCO2 has a portfolio of compensation projects in Italy and abroad and offers support in finding new projects in other areas on a national and international level. Contact us if you are looking for a project in a country of your interest, a project that uses certain technology or a certificate with a particular standard.

Quality standards

In order to be used as CO2 credits, the reductions of emissions of a renewables energy project must be verified by independent third authorities on the basis of internationally recognized methods. In the last years various standards have been created in the voluntary market for the interventions’ transparent realization and accounting, and for proof of additionality and social co-beneficiaries.  AzzeroCO2 finds and selects projects that are developed and certified in conformity with the following standards: CCBAVCSVER Gold StandardPlan Vivo SOCIALCARBON

Public register of credits and compensation trademark

All the generated credits obtain a univocal serial number and are listed in a public register. Once sold, the credit is then cancelled from the register. The compensation trademark issued by AzzeroCO2 therefore contains a univocal code that permits the client to trace the purchased credits and guarantee that the same credit is not sold twice. By inserting the code in the appropriate window it is possible to access a specific page in the register and consult the documentation regarding the details of the individual compensations.