The campaign, promoted by Legambiente and AzzeroCO2, is an extraordinary opportunity for recovering economic resources from various projects on public structures that will be carried out or have been carried out in the last 12 months.

The campaign is based on the collection of White Certificates (or Energy Efficiency Credits) produced after energy efficiency interventions are carried out on public structures, allowing local authorities to benefit from the relative mechanism of incentivization. The campaign was launched to continually update the regulation on the incentivization of renewable sources and energy efficiency, thus meeting the local authorities’ need to have continuous support when comparing the best technical-financial solutions available in real time.

How it works

Not being entitled to operate in the EEC market, the municipality that carries out the intervention has the possibility of recovering this incentive only through the intermediation of a qualified entity such as AzzerroCO2. AzzerroCO2 applies for the White Certificate on behalf of the municipality at no cost. If the result is positive AzzerroCO2 gives the municipality a monetary amount that is proportional to the EEC generated in the period of 5 or 8 consecutive years.

The EfficiENTI 2020 Campaign is structured in a way that provides the municipality with a technical partner who is always available for:

  1. Technical and financial consultancy for the planning of efficient energy interventions;
  2. Consultancy in the comparison of various forms of incentivization available;
  3. Calculating the White Certificates that are obtainable from efficient energy interventions and verifying their compliance with the technical conditions that are already in the phase of preliminary planning;
  4. Applying, at no cost, for White Certificates or the Thermal feed in Scheme (both are repaid with the dedicated incentives).

Acceptable interventions

These are some of the interventions with which the municipalities can apply for the White Certificates

Substitution of simple windows with double windowsRealization of new, high-efficiency illumination systems for streets with motorized traffic
Insulation of walls and coveringsInstallation of high-efficiency lighting in existing illumination systems for streets with motorized traffic
Use of photovoltaic systems with electric power below 20KW (only if the systems do not benefit from the energy tariff)Public LED illumination in pedestrian zones
Use of solar collectors to produce hot tap waterApplication in the civil sector of cogeneration systems for winter heating and summer air-conditioning and the production of hot tap water
Installation of electronic inverters in electric engines operating in pumping systemsApplication in the civil sector of district heating systems that also produce hot tap water
Installation of luminous flux regulators for high-pressure mercury-vapor lamps and sodium-vapor lamps in outdoor illumination systemsInstallation of centralized systems for winter heating and summer air-conditioning in buildings destined for civil use
Installation of outdoor air conditioners (P< 12 kWf)

The vast network of municipalities adhering to the Efficienti Campaign (and consequently the frequency of teaching new practices) allows AzzeroCO2 to guarantee the obtainment of EEC also for interventions carried out in the last 12 months, as well as for interventions that individually do not reach the minimum thresholds.