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Do you want to make your company sustainable, managing activities and processes more efficiently and reducing the impact on the environment?

For over 17 years now we have supported companies in building and implementing strategic paths towards environment and social sustainability. We can support your company in designing, identifying and integrating the best solutions to reduce costs and impact on the environment, create shared value among all stakeholders involved, improve brand reputation and increase competitive advantage.

Strategic planning for sustainability

Strategic planning for sustainability

We build green strategies and provide companies with different tools to integrate sustainability in their core business, valorizing those sustainable practices that might alright be in place and identifying new ones to implement.

Our objective is to improve the company and its products’ environment and social performances, involving all stakeholders (customers, employees, partners and suppliers).

Environmental impact analysis of products and processes

We analyze the environmental impacts of products, services and processes with a methodological approach based on the evaluation of such impacts along the entire life cycle (LCA, Life Cycle Assessment). This approach is internationally recognized for its technical and scientific soundness and it is defined by international regulations ISO 14040: 2006 and ISO 14044:2018.

Circular economy models analysis

We follow companies in the circular economy validation process, based on the definition of indicators to measure circularity with respect to the principles of reuse, reduce and recycle (in relation to energy and raw materials) and sustainable supplies and purchases (energy and raw material). We use the main methodologies currently available for the definition of the circularity indicators.

Strategic consulting for energy

Strategic planning

We take a snapshot of a company’s energetic situation to identify waste, inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. We propose innovative technological and procedural changes aimed at energetic consumption reduction.

A correct planification and management of how energy is used can relaunch a company’s business, freeing up new resources to invest in innovation and generating a competitive advantage on the market.

Energy Management System

We follow companies in the implementation of an Energy Management System (EMS), as defined by regulation ISO 50001:2011, to reduce energetic costs, greenhouse gasses emissions and to improve safety at work.

We follow a methodology based on the Deming cycle, according to the PDCA approach, «Plan, Do, Check, Act», which is focused on energy and based on measured data. We support the company throughout the attainment of the certification.

Energetic diagnosis

We realize energetic audits according to the procedures defined by regulation UNI CEI EN 16247, that defines the requisites, the common methodology and the diagnosis products to allow big companies and energy-consuming companies to abide to obligations under D.lgs 102/2014, and to rationalize energetic consumption and retrieve waste energy.

Feasibility and executive projects

We evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of energetic efficiency intervention on facilities (such as solar thermal plants, photovoltaic, illumination, air conditioning).

Based on the data gathered and the area of reference, we formulate an intervention layout (power needed and installation) and we evaluate the availability of possible funding and grants to reduce, and sometimes eliminate, initial costs.


Renewable source plants and energy efficiency

We design and implement solutions for the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions through the use of highly efficient systems and devices powered by renewable sources, efficient lighting systems and interventions to improve the energy performance of buildings.

Energy efficiency monitoring systems

We install monitoring systems to verify and correct the energy model of the diagnosis with respect to the obligations imposed by Legislative Decree 102/2014, implement an energy management system, define the baseline for the request for TEEs and take advantage of over-depreciation.

Facilitated finance

We are one of the first ESCo certified according to ISO 11352: 2014 and we offer support for the evaluation of energy requalification interventions, through the formula of financing through third parties and the research and activation of the incentive and financing tools available (e.g. state and regional tenders , thermal account, white certificates, etc.).

Environmental impact mitigation

CO2 compensation

We compensate greenhouse gases emissions generated by our clients’ activities through the purchase of CO2 credits on the voluntary carbon credit market from forestation projects, energy efficiency or renewable energy projects.

We have a portfolio of compensation projects in Italy and abroad and we offer support in finding new projects that might be more suitable to the geographic or technical requisites or that are certified by international quality standards.

Forestation projects and requalification project

With the support of companies, we carry out forestation projects in Italy without any intermediation and we create new forests and green spaces in urban and suburban areas, with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions, mitigating climate change effects (heat islands, hydrological instability, noise pollution) and making abandoned areas accessible again.

Communication and CSR in the territory

Launch events

We offer support to organize launch events for the forestation and requalification projects across Italy, involving local institutions, schools, forestry bodies and the media.

Such events are seen as a moment to share the objectives of our projects, to highlight the value added for the local territories and to help companies getting closer to local communities.


Sustainability reports and Stakeholder engagement

We produce Sustaibility Reports according to the new GRI Standard, published in 2016 and mandatory since July 2018 (for those following the GRI Guidelines).

We support companies in stakeholder engagement by using suitable tools for dialogue management with various stakeholders (individual interviews, focus groups, roundtables, etc.) and by implementing the Stakeholder Assessment in line with Standard AA1000SES.

Environment awareness for employees and schools

We develop initiatives with companies to raise awareness on environment among employees, including in their daily life, as a way to define a strategic and shared approach to face the challenges of sustainable development.

We develop digital contests in schools with the aim of developing the students’ creativity, incentivizing them to reflect on climate change topics and to propose sustainable projects and actions to be implemented in their endeavoring.

Corporate volunteering

In collaboration with Legambiente, we organize corporate volunteering activities such as planting of new trees, cleaning and monitoring the waste situation on Italian beaches.

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