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Strategic planning for sustainability

Strategic planning for sustainability

We build green strategies and provide companies with different tools to integrate sustainability in their core business, valorizing those sustainable practices that might alright be in place and identifying new ones to implement.

Our objective is to improve the company and its products’ environment and social performances, involving all stakeholders (customers, employees, partners and suppliers).

Environmental impact analysis of products and processes

We analyze the environmental impacts of products, services and processes with a methodological approach based on the evaluation of such impacts along the entire life cycle (LCA, Life Cycle Assessment). This approach is internationally recognized for its technical and scientific soundness and it is defined by international regulations ISO 14040: 2006 and ISO 14044:2018.

Circular economy models analysis

We follow companies in the circular economy validation process, based on the definition of indicators to measure circularity with respect to the principles of reuse, reduce and recycle (in relation to energy and raw materials) and sustainable supplies and purchases (energy and raw material). We use the main methodologies currently available for the definition of the circularity indicators.

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