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Solution for Public bodies


We support local administration in drafting their PAESC (Piano d’Azione per l’Energia Sostenibile e il Clima – Action Plan for Sustainable Energy and Climate) and in the implementation of the different phases according to JRC guidelines.

We start with an Energy analysis of consumptions and emissions with the objective to evaluate the risks and vulnerabilities and to support the local administration in the drafting of the PAESC with the definition of short, medium and long-term objectives.

Feasibility and executive projects

We evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of energetic efficiency intervention on facilities (such as solar thermal plants, photovoltaic, illumination, air conditioning).

Based on the data gathered and the area of reference, we formulate an intervention layout (power needed and installation) and we evaluate the availability of possible funding.

Renewable energy plants and energy efficiency

We design and realize solutions to reduce energetic consumption and CO2 emissions thanks to high efficiency systems and/or renewable energy systems, efficient illumination systems and interventions to improve facilities’ energetic performance.

Third parties financing and incentives

As a certified ESCo company under ISO 11352:2014, we offer support to evaluate interventions for energetic requalification through the “financing by a third party” formula and by researching and activating available incentives and funding (i.e. public tenders at national and regional level).

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