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Do you want to make your company sustainable, managing activities and processes more efficiently and reducing the impact on the environment?

For over 17 years now we have supported companies in building and implementing strategic paths towards environment and social sustainability. We can support your company in designing, identifying and integrating the best solutions to reduce costs and impact on the environment, create shared value among all stakeholders involved, improve brand reputation and increase competitive advantage.

Strategic planning for sustainability

Strategic planning for sustainability

We build green strategies and provide companies with different tools to integrate sustainability in their core business, valorizing those sustainable practices that might alright be in place and identifying new ones to implement.

Our objective is to improve the company and its products’ environment and social performances, involving all stakeholders (customers, employees, partners and suppliers).

Environmental impact analysis of products and processes

We analyze the environmental impacts of products, services and processes with a methodological approach based on the evaluation of such impacts along the entire life cycle (LCA, Life Cycle Assessment). This approach is internationally recognized for its technical and scientific soundness and it is defined by international regulations ISO 14040: 2006 and ISO 14044:2018.

Circular economy models analysis

We follow companies in the circular economy validation process, based on the definition of indicators to measure circularity with respect to the principles of reuse, reduce and recycle (in relation to energy and raw materials) and sustainable supplies and purchases (energy and raw material). We use the main methodologies currently available for the definition of the circularity indicators.

Environmental impact mitigation

CO2 compensation

We compensate greenhouse gases emissions generated by our clients’ activities through the purchase of CO2 credits on the voluntary carbon credit market from forestation projects, energy efficiency or renewable energy projects.

We have a portfolio of compensation projects in Italy and abroad and we offer support in finding new projects that might be more suitable to the geographic or technical requisites or that are certified by international quality standards.

Responsabilità sociale d'impresa

Ortofrutteti solidali

Un progetto promosso con Legambiente e rivolto alle aziende, per realizzare frutteti e orti solidali in Italia, in collaborazione con associazioni di volontariato e cooperative sociali, con l’obiettivo di rigenerare i loro terreni, promuovere la biodiversità e l’inclusione sociale.

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Forestazione in Italia > Mosaico Verde

Realizziamo progetti di nuova forestazione e tutela di boschi esistenti in Italia in collaborazione con Legambiente, coinvolgendo  Aziende ed Enti pubblici con l’obiettivo di contrastare i cambiamenti climatici e rigenerare i nostri territori.

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Volontariato aziendale

In collaborazione con Legambiente organizziamo attività di volontariato aziendale per coinvolgere e sensibilizzare i dipendenti, come ad esempio la piantumazione simbolica di alberi o la pulizia e monitoraggio dei rifiuti raccolti sulle spiagge italiane.

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Certificate of compensation

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