Category: Analysis and planningTarget: Corporate, Municipalities

AzzeroCO2 performs energy audits in accordance with the procedure defined by regulation UNI CEI/TR 11428:2011 (Energy diagnosis – General requirements of the energy diagnosis service), which defines the requirements, the common methods and the products of energy diagnosis and which helps large companies satisfy the obligations imposed by the Directive 2012/27/EU.

With AzzeroCO2‘s support companies and authorities can obtain tangible results through:

  • The rationalization of energy consumption;
  • The recovery of scattered energy;
  • The identification of technologies used for saving energy;
  • The optimization of energy supply contracts;
  • The management of technical and economic risks;
  • The overall improvement of the modalities of operation and maintenance (O&M).

AzzeroCO2 provides support for its clients in the technical-financial management of the Energy Efficiency Credits obtainable thanks to the interventions suggested by the performed analysis.