Category: Financial instrumentsTarget: Corporate, Municipalities

AzzeroCO2 is capable of following the procedures required for obtaining Energy Efficiency Credits (also known as White Certificates) for the energy efficiency interventions carried out.

AzzeroCO2 collects and processes the data necessary for applying for EEC and, in the event the energy saving interventions meet the requirements for obtaining energy efficiency credits, will present the application to the GSE. Once the credits are awarded, AzzeroCO2 will sell them on the appropriate market, giving the client the revenues obtained while keeping a certain commission for the service. The EECs can be sold exclusively on the telematics market managed by the Italian Power Exchange, which only accredited subjects can access (large distributors, companies with energy managers, energy service companies), such as AzzeroCO2.

If you are about to realize an electric or thermal consumption saving intervention on your structures or on structures belonging to third parties, AzzeroCO2, as an ESCo, can:

  • verify if the savings reach the minimum threshold or if they can be inserted in a campaign that is already launched;
  • develop methods for calculating savings in interventions with standardized technical cards;
  • manage relations with institutions involved in the evaluation and certification of the savings;
  • commercialize the credits awarded by the Italian Power Exchange or through bilateral agreements.