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The methodological approach adopted by AzzeroCO2 is based on the environmental impact assessment throughout the life cycle of a product or service (LCA, Life Cycle Assessment), internationally recognized for its technical-scientific validity, as well as strictly defined by international standards ISO 14040: 2006 and ISO 14044: 2018.

Based on the LCA methodological approach, AzzeroCO2 can therefore provide the company with several valid ad hoc strategic consulting tools to assess its product sustainability. This translates into the quantification of the environmental performance, as well as the identification of potential improvement of products and services during their life cycle (including, therefore, production and supply of energy from various renewable and non-renewable sources).

EPD – Environmental Product Declaration

LCA studies are the foundation of the EPD- Environmental Product Declarations, environmental labels (type III) regulated by ISO 14025; due to the use of well-defined rules for specific product categories (the PCR – Product Category Rules), those labels are able to guarantee a superior comparability of results.

Among these we can list:

  • the International EPD® System, a voluntary certification scheme born in Sweden, with international significance:
  • EPDItaly, the first Italian Program Operator to develop and publish EPDs.

Thanks to these tools, a company can communicate to the market the information on the environmental performance of its product or service in a transparent and reliable way, supporting the choice of directing the business strategy towards a sustainable economy.


  • Recognition and international visibility of the product’s environmental performance;
  • Compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria – CAM defined by the Ministry of the Environment;
  • Reference for contracting authorities in the selection of suppliers with better environmental performance;
  • Optimization of business processes focussed to reducing the risks associated with environmental impacts and, therefore, costs;
  • Possibility for end-customers to make more informed purchasing choices.

Carbon footprint analysis

AzzeroCO2 analyses the carbon footprint of product and organization, i.e. the environmental footprint in terms of climate-altering gas emissions, in accordance with the main international reference standards: ISO 14064 for company activities and ISO 14067 for products / services.


  • increase company’s visibility by promoting consistency, transparency and credibility in the quantification of GHG (GreenHouse Gases), in their control, reporting and verification;
  • allow organizations to identify and control GHG emissions, as well as to manage risks developing and systematically maintaining GHG inventories;
  • support the development and implementation of projects, initiatives and programs for the offset and reduction of climate-altering emissions;
  • improve the environmental performance of its products, along with the opportunities to reduce production costs and to have better visibility towards consumers;
  • being able to choose, on a rigorous and transparent basis, to complete its sustainability process by offsetting the residual CO2 emissions associated with a specific product, service or the entire production activity; this brings evident environmental benefits along with  returns in terms of communication and marketing.

AzzeroCO2 offers companies the support for the realization of LCA analysis, organization and product carbon footprint, EPD® International and EPDItaly labels, Product and Organizational Environmental Footprint (PEF, OEF) etc.

Some of the projects carried out are listed below:

  • Pasta Forma Ok – Ipafood company: product carbon footprint
  • BellCaffè, Casa Lines, Espresso, Pods and Capsules – Bellcaffè company: product carbon footprint
  • Grifal: LCA of the product cArtù
  • Mukki: organization carbon footprint
  • Alia Servizi Ambientali: organization carbon footprint
  • Agras Delic: organization carbon footprint
  • Project Automation: organization carbon footprint
  • Missaglia Spa: organizational carbon footprint
  • Sky Italia: certification according to the Carbon Trust Standard