Esco sul tetto (ESCo for the roof) is a campaign promoted by AzzeroCO2 and Legambiente which aims to promote the purchase of highly efficient technologies and systems powered by renewable sources at discounted prices and with favourable financial conditions.

The campaign takes advantage of tax benefits and incentive mechanisms (such as “Conto Termico”[1], White Certificates) giving companies and customers a new ESCo (Energy Service Company) solution, that integrates the economic benefits of the incentive system with the supply of high efficient renewable energy technologies and its professional installation.

[1] The conto termico was introduced by ministerial decree on 28/12/12. It provides incentives for renewable energy production as well as efficiency savings in the heating and cooling sector.

Who is concerned?

A) Companies involved in the installation of renewable energy power plants and efficient technologies

AzzeroCO2 offers to installation companies the opportunity to increase their business, selling high-efficient technologies and renewable energy power plants to residential private customers and industrial companies. The installation companies that adhere to the campaign Esco sul tetto will benefit from exclusive facilitation tools to increase the sale of technologies and equipment.

Therefore AzzeroCO2 proposes:

  1. A discount on the market price, thanks to the early assignment of the incentive
    The partner will sell his customers a facility at a discounted price, being the discount the expected value of the incentive. AzzeroCO2, as Energy Services Company (ESCo), is in charge of allocating to the partner the values that the plant can obtain with the incentive mechanism.
  2. Instalments payment
    The partner will be able to offer his customers several financing instruments (consumer credit, leasing, loan) to facilitate the full payment of the installation, taking advantage of the agreements between AzzeroCO2 and financial institutions, for natural persons, and leasing companies for legal entities.
  3. Supplies at the best price available
    Through its network and the ability to send cumulative orders, AzzeroCO2 may also offer competitive prices.
  4. Communication and use of the trademark
    By adhering to the campaign the partner will get the license to use the trademark Esco sul tetto for its own business communications.

B) The customers 

Citizens and companies willing to install a plant (using energy efficiency technologies or renewable energy resources), but without a trusted installation specialist to rely on, can address directly to AzzeroCO2; they will receive a free consultancy and a “turnkey” contract proposal: they will benefit of the promotional price, of the soft loan and finally of best supply available on the market.