RECOIL (RECovered waste cooking OIL for combined heat and power production) began on September 1, 2011 and will end in June 2015. It is co-financed by the European Commission within the framework of the LIFE+ information and communication programs and is realized with the participation of AzzeroCO2 (the project leader), Kyoto Club, Legambiente, CID Software and CONOE.

The project aims to create, test and optimize the network of door-to-door used vegetable oil collection with the objective of avoiding its dispersion in the environment and exploiting its great energy potential. The first optimized network, which will also use innovative software for the traceability and monitoring of collected oil, will be established in two pilot municipalities. The network will easily be replicable anywhere and will be set up following a public information campaign and specific training courses for municipal technicians.

Main objectives

  • To create an optimized network of door-to-door used vegetable oil collection in two pilot municipalities
  • To develop software for the traceability and monitoring of the entire home collection and storage of used vegetable oil network, which will help to constantly follow the collection process and evaluate its results
  • To raise awareness of the collection of used vegetable oil through a public information campaign, which is fundamental for having all citizens involved
  • To organize training courses for municipal technicians, teaching them how to create the used vegetable oil collection and storage network
  • To transform waste into fuel through a process of low emission, therefore eliminating thermo-chemical transformations
  • To produce electric and thermal energy
  • To create new work places for collection and treatment processes, thus maintaining the network optimized, even after the end of the project

Expected results

  • The involvement of the two pilot municipalities’ populations in the project
  • The collection and treatment of used vegetable oil
  • The creation of new employment opportunities
  • The extension of used vegetable oil collection to other parts of Italy