The RECOIL project, co-financed by the Ministry of Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea (MATTM), was launched in August 2011 through a public notice for financing research projects aimed to improve energy efficiency and to use renewable energy sources in urban areas. It has a duration period of 29 months.

The RECOIL project intends to establish a prototype system for the storage and mechanical treatment of used vegetable oil, aimed at valorizing the oil’s energy potential using low-speed engines suitable for the production of electric and thermal energy.

In particular, the activities include:

  • The launch of a case study on the oil collection system;
  • The establishment of a system for storing and analyzing the characteristics of collected oil, as well as the one subjected to purification processes before being sent for combustion;
  • The development and use of prototype equipment for the mechanic treatment of oil;
  • The analysis of emissions produced from the combustion of various oil mixes;
  • The life cycle analysis (LCA) of the identified “network” system, in particular, in terms of the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The prototype system, tested and optimized, will be exportable and replicable in other territorial contexts with relative ease.