Category: Financial instrumentsTarget: Corporate, Municipalities

AzzeroCO2 assists local authorities and companies in accessing the incentive system for energy efficiency and renewable sources.

Currently an incentive system is available in Italy; it supports, in an integrated mode, various energy efficiency and renewable sources interventions for abating greenhouse gas emissions.

In particular:

  • 65% tax exemption
  • White Certificates or EEC
  • Green Certificates
  • Single all-inclusive tariff
  • Thermal feed in scheme
  • Capital incentives

AzzeroCO2 offers tailored economic-financial consultancy to local companies and authorities that decide to implement energy efficiency and renewable resources interventions; the support will ensure:

  • the best opportunities in accessing public notices;
  • the best economic conditions in supplying materials, thanks to privileged relations with technological partners;
  • the best financial solutions based on the type of the intervention proposed, thanks to agreements made with important credit institutions.

AzzeroCO2 assists private companies and public authorities to applicate to a public notice on renewable energy and energy efficiency. 

AzzeroCO2‘s proposal is prepared on the level of planning required in the public notice and can also include gratuitous support if further preliminary planning is required.

In these years dozens of authorities and companies have received the grant to found renewable energy and energy efficiency provided by Cariplo foundation, by the Italian Enviromental Ministry (MATTM) such as “Il sole a scuola”, “Carbon Footprint” and other public notices.