Category: Financial instrumentsTarget: Corporate, Municipalities

Thanks to its pluriennial experience in the energy sector, AzzeroCO2 acts as a mediator between suppliers (producers and wholesalers) and businesses through the formulation of electric energy and gas offers created for the client’s consumption profile, allowing the company to obtain a more convenient energy contract.

AzzeroCO2 offers information and assistance on the following services:

  • Collection of company specifics (bills, existing contracts, work shifts) and identification of the company’s consumption profile;
  • Identification of suppliers and the best supply conditions;
  • Management of purchase contracts, in particular, examining contractual conditions and economic proposals;
  • Monthly inspection of invoices;
  • Verification and constant updating of procedures and contracts in light of the indications specified by regulating authorities (such as AEEG)
  • Monitoring markets to provide continuous updates on prices and sales conditions proposed by current operators
  • Technical support for disputes with suppliers and distributors.

Upon request it is possible to evaluate the insertion of the client in a Consumption Group, which is already managed monthly or bimonthly, in order to combine bigger energy volume with the certainty of economic treatment parity obtained from the homogeneity of all the companies adhering to the Group.