Category: InterventionsTarget: Corporate, Municipalities

AzzeroCO2 plans and realizes solutions for reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions through the use of high-efficiency systems and devices or those sustained by renewable sources, efficiency illumination systems and interventions for improving the energy performance of buildings, while guaranteeing returns in investment.

In particular AzzeroCO2 offers:

  • Planning and realization of internal and external illumination systems using the best efficient technology available on the market today (for example LED, solar chimneys);
  • Sizing and installation of efficient systems for summer air-conditioning and winter heating (radiant systems, boilers, geothermal systems, etc.);
  • Identifying and sizing of interventions for improving energy performance of buildings (casing insulation, glazing, green roofs, etc.) and energy certification
  • Planning and realization of systems that exploit renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic, thermal solar, biomass boilers, co/trigeneration, geothermal and also “turnkey.”