Category: InterventionsTarget: Corporate, Municipalities

AzzeroCO2 offers companies personalized afforestation projects for the requalification of urban and extra urban territories with the objective of mitigating the environmental impact of anthropic activities and valorizing the territory.

The requalification projects that AzzeroCO2 realizes respect the minimum environmental sustainability requirements (the choice of native species, variety of the species used, conformity with the existing laws on environmental-forest issue, etc.), the existing regulations related to landscape restrictions and also generate a value added for the community and the territory. The requalification project can be realized in a vast extra-urban area that allows for the development of a wood, in an urban area composed of a city park/avenue/square or in an area exposed to hydrogeological risks that therefore needs to be secured through environmental engineering projects aimed at consolidating the territory.

The benefits for the territory are:

  • landscape valorization of degraded areas;
  • reduction of risks related to the instability and abandonment of the territory;
  • improvement of air quality;
  • increase of aggregation points for the local community;
  • employment possibilities (work for local companies involved in the project)

The benefits for the companies are:

  • mitigation of the anthropic impact on the territory;
  • improvement of the company’s reputation in front of the stakeholders;
  • increase of visibility;
  • satisfaction of the company’s social responsibility objectives and protection of the territory.