Category: Corporate social responsibilityTarget: Corporate, Municipalities

AzzeroCO2 accompanies companies in the evaluation of the supplier and supply chains with the objective of creating guidelines capable of indicating a more knowledgeable selection of suppliers for one’s activity.

The evaluation of the supply chain considers the suppliers’ and sub suppliers’ environmental and social performances and therefore the materials and products that they use. The guidelines are written specifically for each client and contain qualitative and quantitative indicators that, through a score-assigning system, help the client evaluate the aspects related to:

  • The supply quality within the framework of the raw materials’ environmental impact;
  • Work safety and respect for human rights;
  • The correct evaluation and management of environmental aspects in transformation

Green Public Procurement

AzzeroCO2 also offers support to local authorities so that they can meet the obligations set in the Green Procurement National Action Plan. By drafting specifications necessary for choosing sustainable suppliers, the authorities can evaluate the economic and technical aspects for selecting the best green suppliers.

In particular, AzzeroCO2 can provide authorities with:

  • Preliminary analysis for the evaluation of the needs and requirements for the acquisition of goods and services, considering the strategic     environmental objectives in reference to GPP;
  • Operative consultancy for the introduction of GPP systems;
  • Monitoring of environmental sustainability objectives in the GPP framework;
  • Support for GPP training activities for company personnel;
  •  Evaluation of the environmental impact in terms of emissions with respect to traditional procurement.