Category: Financial instrumentsTarget: Corporate, Municipalities

Third-party financing (TPF) is a contractual formula through which AzzeroCO2, as an ESCo, finances the realization of interventions for energy requalification (for example, illumination or air-conditioning) and their management and maintenance.

A part of the economic savings obtained from the improvement of energy performance is the annual fee that the final user pays AzzeroCO2 for the entire duration of the contract, which is established according to energy saving forecasts. The contract defines the criteria for the evaluation and the guarantee of the forecasted savings and the real savings, from which the annual fees derives. After the termination of the contract the installed system becomes the property of the final user.

Phases of TPF

  • Energy diagnosis
  • Feasibility study
  • Preparation of the contract
  • Installation
  • Management and maintenance


  • Reduction of energy costs when the system begins functioning, with minimum or even no initial investment;
  • Substitution of existing machinery with more efficient machinery, of which the client will become an owner after the termination of the contract;
  • Possibility to access the EEC mechanism;
  • Highly-qualified technicians with great experience in projects developed in the energy sector;
  • Best conditions for supplies.