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Do you want to redevelop your condo or house getting the most from incentives such as the Ecobonus?

More than 60% of housing buildings in Italy are older than 45 years and their design does not follow safety or energy norms. This results in huge management costs and exposure to risks.

Solution for apartment buildings

Our priority is to maximize energetic efficiency of buildings and houses, using the best technologies available in terms of energy performances and preferring innovative, natural and recycled materials, therefore ensuring the maximum sustainability of our interventions.   Thanks to our 20-year experience in the energy saving techniques and renewable energy sector, we are able to design the best technical and technological solution to improve living comfort with the objective of reducing billing costs and CO2 emissions.   Thanks to a wide network on the territory we are able to provide turnkey intervention and tax benefits (50% and 65% deductions, Ecobonus, Conto Termico and Sismabonus) for plants purchase using all available incentives.

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